Santa Pause – have you got everything right?

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While undertaking research for a client today we found a website that demonstrated the importance of spending more time checking that everything is correct.

If Santa Claus left the North Pole and forgot to feed his reindeer he wouldn’t get very far.  A ‘Santa Pause’ to check they’d been fed would be wise.

A ‘Santa Pause’ would have been useful for Inghams, having created the content for their website.  A pause, in the world of website development is taking a bit of time to run through the whole website to make sure that it’s sending out the best possible message to potential buyers.

By taking a ‘Santa Pause’, Inghams ( may have noticed this technical glitch that comes up on various pages …

Moving away from technical glitches (which, after all, could have happened well after the website was created), content glitches are worth focusing on.  We went to the page, which shows two Santa resorts but as you can see in the screenshot below, there’s no difference between the description of each resort …

What’s clearly happened is that the website owner has used the same text for both resorts but this leaves the potential buyer thinking “what’s the difference between those resorts?”.  From looking at the page the only difference appears to be that one has an altitude of 200m and the other has an altitude of 230m.

It’s fair to say that the resorts could well be very similar but the website owner has missed a trick by not taking a ‘Santa Pause’ to look at the pages from the viewpoint of the potential buyer.  In times when we’re used to having systems that let us compare products on websites (e.g. comparing a few fridges on the Comet website) we adopt a mentality that it should be easy to compare most things online.  So, when confronted by two resorts that appear to be exactly the same we think either:

1. the website owner has been lazy by using the same content, or

2. the resorts offer exactly the same

Most people would probably think as per number 1 above and would wonder why the website owner didn’t create content that was unique for each resort, which would help the buyer to decide which to click on to see more details.

Whether a website is new or it’s been updated, double-checking how the website pages will look to potential buyers is a fundamental basic for all companies to do.

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