Websites under construction – the message it sends out

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I’ll admit that this tickled me because of the irony.   A company that deals in the construction of carriageways (roads, pavements etc.) who have a website that’s ‘under construction’ …

While companies may have numerous reasons why a website needs to have an ‘under construction’ page up, it never ceases to amaze me why companies do it.   Is there someone that says “I really hate that website, it’d be better to take it down while we create a new one”?

Looking at it from the viewpoint of the potential customer, what an ‘under construction’ message says could be any of the following:

1. The company don’t have their act together.

2. The company has a genuine, and very temporary reason to be ‘under construction’ (e.g. a website hacked).

3. The company doesn’t realise that it’s ok to have the old website live while working on the new one in the background.

4. The company isn’t very organised.  If there WERE organised then they’d have planned the new website well before the time that it was necessary to have an ‘under construction’ page displayed.

That particular site in the example hasn’t just appeared like that – it’s been like it for at least a few weeks (to my knowledge).   How much potential business is being lost?   How far behind is the SEO potential?  And what person takes ultimate responsibility for allowing the online presence of the company to be portrayed in that way?

It’s fair to say that in many companies there’s a lack of awareness about how to handle a change to a new website.  In the case of Kiely Bros it wouldn’t have taken a huge effort to create one or a few pages that went into a little more detail about the products/services on offer, so that it does at least look like a live website.  The website visitors don’t need to know that a new website is upcoming.

I suppose though this does beg the question – if a website is really poor then is it better to have that live or have an ‘under construction’ page up during redevelopment?    Whatever the answer, all the time that a website isn’t strong and live, potential business is being lost to competitors.

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