Tommy Dellar: one month in

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Here’s the views of Tommy, the Custwin apprentice who’s giving his insights into what Custwin do, having been here for a month now …

After working here at Custwin for a month, my responsibilities have been building up, and my skills have been developing hugely. To begin with I was set simple tasks, which I have now come to realise, with time and practice, can become more intense and beneficial.

At the beginning of my apprenticeship, Andy showed me the basics of how to use certain programmes such as webstat, which enabled me to complete the tasks I was assigned at the time. Now that I have got to grips with how the system works, I am learning how to use new tools such as Google Adwords, and Google Docs, which enable me to further my analysis of the data I extract using webstat.  With the further information I am able to gather, I am able to identify how many of the website visitors are turning into customers, and which visitors could be potential customers.

When I began working at Custwin, my understanding of what Custwin was trying to achieve was fairly loose.  I thought that the company was purely about improving client’s websites in order for them to gain further clients/customers.  That’s part of what is being achieved but I have come to discover that the company does far more than that, and the work being done for clients is a lot deeper.

Custwin are able to accurately identify companies that visit the websites of clients, what pages they looked at, and draw conclusions from that before sharing those conclusions with clients.  The work being done at Custwin isn’t just about analysing data and making the client’s website more appealing physically, but also getting the clients a higher ranking within Google; which is achieved through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   SEO is something I had never heard of before coming to work at Custwin, but after being here for a month, not only do I understand what SEO can achieve,  I have also come to understand the importance of maximizing it to the benefits of clients. Understanding SEO is fairly simple, but when it comes to implementing,  it becomes trickier, and this is a skill that I am constantly working to improve through becoming increasingly involved in the building of SEO into the client’s websites.

Through my new responsibilities, I am now in a position where I am able to explain to people what Custwin is actually about, and what we aim to achieve, which came in handy at my first networking event,  ‘First Friday’, which I attended last week.  At this event I was able to meet people from various businesses who are basically wanting to build relationships that will hopefully build more business.