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It’s not that I’m ungrateful but over the Christmas period 2010 I saw only one company emailed card that made me take any notice at all.  And here it is …

I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of Christmas cards, particularly from companies – it just seems quite pointless and a waste of money.  A bit more acceptable to me is an electronic card but only if it makes me take notice.   Over the years the formula has become fairly staid:

1. Come up with some sort of picture related to Christmas.

2. Draft some text about the charity that’s going to benefit from a donation.

3. Blast it out to all contacts via email.

A sceptical person may wonder whether, in some cases, money ever makes it to the named charity.  In such instances perhaps a hard copy card would be better because at least there’s proof that the money has been spent (ideally on a card that benefits a charity).

The card above came with a message that included the following explanation of the picture and ditty:

In lieu of Christmas Gifts for our clients and friends we have made a donation to SURF Survivors Fund, Rwanda and Goats for Peace to buy livestock for Rwandan families.

16 years on from the genocide in Rwanda, many families still face an uncertain future and live in extreme poverty.  With their own livestock, a family has a chance at subsistence farming and life takes an upward turn: Manure makes the vegetable patch fertile; milk and eggs provide much needed nutrition; and breeding pigs, goats or chickens gives the family an income for seeds, tools and medicines.

The card came from the guys at Kiosk Creative, who I do some work with.  They’re a creative agency and the card demonstrates their expertise perfectly because thought went into the charity they wanted to support and the card came out of that.  It wasn’t a generic Christmas picture with any old charity bolted on but instead was well-conceived and made me think.  On top of that I fully believe that the charitable donation was made.

Perhaps more important for Kiosk Creative though was that it helped remind me of their creativity.  I find it really hard to find good creative people that I can refer people onto and so this was a perfect reminder, especially if there are Custwin clients/contacts who need design skills in the Liverpool area, where they’re based.

Christmas 2011 is a long way off, which, for those of you who send company cards by email, is plenty of time to think about how you can hit the right message with those who open the email, rather than it ending up as a mad rush job a few days or weeks before everyone disappears for the festivities.

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  1. Custwin Blog » Blog Archive » Xmas Cards 2011 – from feedback to ideas Says:

    [...] recent blog about electronic cards at Xmas focused on making emailed Xmas cards stand out.  As part of the blog a few feathers were ruffled [...]

  2. Sharon Says:

    Perhaps I’m old fashioned, or maybe it’s being female, but I prefer proper Christmas cards to electronic ones. I resorted to email under protest this year because of a cock-up on delivery of the old-fashioned sort. But they’re safely stored for next year – will you be on my list?

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