44 seconds … and then more … to new business

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I thought I’d share with you a story of what it can take to win a new client via your website and how different potential clients think …

Custwin runs a Google Adwords campaign for ourselves.  We don’t go over the top (because it’s not the most cost-effective way to generate leads in our sector) but one phrase we consistently get website visitors for is the phrase ‘google advertising’.   When people type that phrase into Google they see an advert which takes them through to our Custwin Gold (http://www.custwin.co.uk/custwin-gold.htm) page – a page that lets people get a quick insight into the service offered but also to dig into a lot more depth.

While some people spend a lot of time looking at that page, others, like the contact we received late last week, don’t.   The screenshot below shows that they had spent only 44 seconds on the website before they made contact:

We know for sure that the company that contacted us had contacted others (they told us in our initial conversation).  We also knew that they couldn’t possibly have got a full feeling about how we help companies (because they didn’t spend long enough on the page).   Therefore, we were basically in a position of ‘opportunity to impress’ (compared to competitors).

Fortunately, we always put a lot of time into potential clients and a series of emails over the following days resulted (yesterday) in the client emailing us those lovely words …

“If you are free for a chat, I will like to confirm everything and go ahead with your service.”

The point of sharing this is that although a website can have everything in it that you think a potential client will be interested in, people are busy and they will (quite rightly) have a quick look around at who can help, not spending much time on the websites, but will then get a ‘feel’ based on the dialogue from that point onwards.

I’ll admit, it’s not a 5 minute job to convert such enquiries into business.  Sometimes it takes about an hour of extra effort/focus and often much longer.   I like to think that we’ve got a powerful proposition that’s still quite unusual in the ‘web consultancy’ world (god, that sounds like a sales pitch!) because our focus is not just on driving traffic to websites but ensuring that the websites are strong enough to convert that traffic into enquiries/business.   This comes across very strongly in our follow up to initial enquiries and is key to our success in converting enquiries into business.

So what’s the message here?   Quite simply, a website still needs to be strong because some people will go into every detail before considering making contact, BUT, some people don’t spend long on websites and judge potential suppliers based on the follow up to initial enquiry.   Therefore, it’s always worth analysing how well ‘follow up’ activity contributes towards business being gained.   We’ve had clients that have actually shared with us some of the other responses they gained and we can see how ‘standard’ and lame many of them were.

How many potential buyers of YOUR product/service have been in contact with your competitors as well as you, and how strongly does your follow-up communication convert into business?    Please do contact us in confidence – we’d be happy to provide you with some pointers for free.

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