The Census 2011 – Changing the law

8:12 pm Website Strategy

“Your census response is required by law” it shouts out from the envelope supplied with the 2011 National Census.

It took me about 30 minutes to complete the census (doing it online, I’d imagine it can take longer on the paper version) and I felt obliged to do it because of the ‘required by law’ message.   But it made me think … maybe it’s about time the law changed?

I don’t mean changing the law about completing the census but the law in other ways.  Perhaps it should be law to do, and confirm as having done, the following:

  • Having a full and updating business plan.
  • Having a constant cashflow projection.
  • Listing a minimum number of client testimonials (verified) on your website.
  • Analysing website statistics using a recommended system.
  • Testing different forms of marketing on a small scale.

There could be others but each of those above can have a marked and positive impact on the businesses that would have to (by law) go through them.   How many people manage to find the time to focus on such activities as those above?   Speaking purely about the website-related activities we feel people/companies should be obliged to do (to make them stronger), it’s insanity that people don’t take the time out to focus on them.

And yet, a document comes through the letter box that says it has to be completed by law and everyone takes that time out to complete it.   Wouldn’t it be fascinating if instead, people had the option (by law of course) to dedicate just that 30 minutes or so to undertaking some activities that would properly benefit their businesses – how much more of a positive impact would that have on the economy as a whole, than collecting a load of statistics for people to pore over for centuries to come?

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