Typpo Tipo Typo

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It’s official – I’m human!   After years of picking up on spelling mistakes within other people’s websites, this week I was picked up on a typo within the Custwin site.   It was only a relatively small one (lawyer spelt as laywer) but nevertheless a mistake.

Thank you goes to Sharon from Redefine for picking me up on that because although it was only one mistake, others who may have seen that mistake before could have thought “that’s sloppy” but never mentioned it.  Worse still, if there had been several mistakes then a particularly negative impression of the business could have formed in the minds of those viewing the website.

Maybe a useful exercise for all businesses to go through is to invite known contacts and friends to skim through the company website to see if there are any typos or other glaring mistakes.  For some clients I’ve advised them to offer staff an incentive to find obvious mistakes (e.g. £1 per mistake found), which can unearth a surprising amount.

Whether getting some friendly help for free or paying what would likely be a small amount for a website to be run through, if the end result is a website free of typos then that’s got to contribute towards website visitors having at least one reason not to click away from your website.