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Design is a subjective thing but it’s important when it comes to retaining the attention of people who visit your website.  Today I went to a blog site that succeeded in making me feel fuzzy-eyed and queasy.

When I first went to http://wesleygeys.net/?p=47 I thought that I’d been drinking, then realised it was still early (I don’t start drinking until at least 10am).  I then thought that my contact lenses were playing up.  Take the challenge … starting from the top of that blog see how hard it is to read through the text and how long it is before your eyes start to go fuzzy.

It gets easier as you go down the blog because it becomes just white text on black background, although it’s still an odd choice of text size/font combination and is still hard to read.   But it’s the top of the blog that’s the biggest offender – shades of blue merging into black with white text, making it really hard to focus on the text itself.

I felt like I’d just come off a fairground ride (persevering with the text because I thought it may be of interest).

Thankfully, such things are rare and this is an extreme case, but there will be websites/blogs out there where although the problem isn’t as bad, viewing the text on the page is still made difficult by factors such as weak use of colours.   As always, it’s advisable to ask several friends/contacts what they think of the design/style of your website or blog because if they find something glaringly wrong then that’s feedback that will be useful to you.

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  1. Colman Carpenter Says:

    I had a slightly different issue with the site. The design uses a particular font (Arial Narrow) for headings, but that particular font is not installed on my PC, so when the page opened the headings defaulted to the next font in the list, which is Wingdings!


    Now that really does affect readability!

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