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Contrary to popular belief, our apprentice Tommy doesn’t spend all day crunching data and making cups of tea.   Sometimes he takes the rubbish out too.  This month he tells us about some of the more exciting work he’s been involved in …

Since the beginning of my time at Custwin, I have been doing administrative type jobs, mostly involving the analysis of data and websites. However, as of late I have been very much involved in the development of a new software system Custwin is building.

The system, which is speedily developing, is an online access system that lets companies view details of visitors that have been to company websites.  It’s also designed to allow organisations (for example, web developers, business consultants, accountants) to analyse their client’s website visitors, and provide input on refinements that would be beneficial (and so encourage client loyalty).

The features of the system are very strongly customer focused (as you’d expect them to be), built from what we at Custwin feel would be useful and practical for companies.  At its most simple level it shows a company which other companies/organisations have been visiting their website, what they typed, and how they moved through their website.   Many similar systems exist, but not in the way that we’re creating.

Every week I use another programme which allows me to analyse visitors that have visited our client’s websites, and I am forever cursing the system because it doesn’t allow me to view something, or is unable to create something I need; and so, the programme we are creating will have features incorporated that will not only do the same as other systems, but will do more, and do it better.

Working through the developmental stages of the system has been a lot of fun, and through my experience of using existing systems, I am able to incorporate my ideas into the development and help to create new features that I feel will be highly beneficial and productive.

Our vision for the software is beginning to become real and all features are close to being finalised, with the usability of the software almost complete.  As always, when creating a product that you want to sell, you need it to be at its best (I don’t know this through experience, but I do watch Dragon’s Den) and so there are on-going alterations that we need to address before we’re happy to launch it onto the market.  However, we’re not too far off and it’s really exciting being part of something that could be bought by many thousands of companies throughout the UK and beyond.

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  1. Paul Reid Says:

    Great article. Well done Tommy!
    Sounds fascinating.

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