The longest url ever

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As part of SEO it’s useful to get the url of your website pages right.  It’s only one aspect but it can help.  Most people nowadays understand that it’s crazy to have a url that’s not plain English (for example instead of something like

Some people understand that you should have plain English urls but still don’t quite get there.  For example, the page is all about a particular brand of dancing shoes so it would be better off as being or ending /bloch-dance-shoes.html instead of that bloch-m-1.html.

And then there are those who understand that you need plain English in the urls but somewhere along the way get carried away with the keyboard …

Wow!  That makes for a long url.

Why would you do such a thing?   And more than that, repeat it throughout that website.

The golden rules with naming pages within urls are:

  1. Use hyphenated words (e.g. pink-ballet-shoes instead of pinkballetshoes).
  2. Use only a maximum of 3 words.

For further reading on url structure, a useful guide can be seen at