Website under construction – be top of Google for stupidity

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For most companies it’s great to be top of Google when people type a certain keyword phrase.  Perhaps though, the phrase ‘website under construction’ is not the best phrase to be highly visible under on the first page of Google.

The screenshot below shows the current view of websites (in the UK) that appear top of Google for the phrase ‘website under construction’ …

Top of the pile is, who, as you can see below, have got links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  They’ve even got a 2011 catalogue to view.  But they don’t have a proper website, which you’d think should be the hub of their online marketing, supported by the other elements such as Twitter etc.

In second position is who have really gone for their SEO by deliberately having a website url including website-under-construction.  The note on that website says ‘Just a quick note to let you know our website is under construction, so may look a little strange for a few days’.   Nearly 5 months later and the amusing bit is that it’s just an old page that they’ve not taken down and if you go to their real home page everything is normal.  It’s amusing because the business includes proof reading as one of the services, which kind of conflicts with inaccuracies within their own website.

In third place comes, who make orthodontic and dental laboratory products.  They have a ‘Website under construction’ message, the ability to download a catalogue and for some strange reason they think people will want to part with the name and email address via their one page site …

You can carry on going through the Google search results looking at numerous similar examples and the more you see, the more it raises one obvious point …

If you are going to change your website then plan it out properly, get the new content created outside of the live version of the website, and then make it live.

Never ever should ‘Website under construction’ come into the vocabulary of anyone who owns a domain name.   Those three words shout out loud and clear:

  • We are not organised enough to have sorted out our website.
  • We have poor attention to detail.

As for the amounts of business lost all the time a website is in a state of ‘website under construction’ … that’s just criminal!

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