The link between exam results and websites

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Today was the day of reckoning for many as school exam results put smiles or tears on the faces of thousands of teens.  I was there at the school with my daughter, seeing how her efforts at school translated into results.

It made me think about the parallels between exam results and company websites.

In the case of my daughter, she needed to get certain results to guarantee a few things:

  1. Getting into 6th form.
  2. Being able to do I.T. in 6th form (if you do I.T. then you get to go on a trip to New York – yes, I know, not really the right reasons!).
  3. Get a juicy £150 bonus for passing her Maths (which had been a problem subject).
  4. Getting her 16th birthday present of a flashy camera (needed to do photography if getting into 6th form).

Unfortunately, the Maths grade was poor, which had the following negative knock-on effects:

  1. Poor Maths grades = loss of £150.
  2. Poor Maths grades = no option to do I.T. as a subject, which means no New York trip.

She’s highly likely to still get into 6th form, because other results helped her and, let’s be honest, the education system is so dumbed down that it’s extremely hard to totally fail nowadays.

Back to how this relates to websites …..

  • If more effort is put into school studies then better results will be gained.
  • If more effort is put into website strength then better results will be gained.
  • If school results are impressive then there are benefits (taking a subject that facilitates a trip to New York; getting a financial bonus of £150).
  • If websites are impressive then there are benefits (more enquiries and sales).
  • When you leave 6th form, if you’ve taken your own education and, more importantly, attitude, to a much stronger place then you will have a chance of gaining work in the big wide world.
  • When you’ve continued to build on your website strength, never accepting that it’s finished, then you will gain ever more business.

How many people in business are the equivalent of those who didn’t put in enough effort to get the better grades at school?   They are the ones that have websites that don’t get great results because they don’t put the effort in.  Some of them have websites that generate nothing at all – the equivalent of the dreaded ‘U’ grade in exams.

My message to those coming through the education system is this:

Although (in my view) attitude and ability to impress people are far more important than exam grades, the ‘system’ expects you to have put sufficient effort in to get the grades you need to impress those who could be in a position to pay you money.  If other people have more to impress people with, then they will do better than you.

In parallel, my message to those with websites that don’t gain enough business is:

The effort you’ve put into your website may be eclipsed by the effort that your competitors have put into theirs.  People have a choice of who to buy from and if your website is the equivalent of lower level exam grades (in the eyes of the viewer) then you will not get what you want in business and life.

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