What Botox teaches us about eggs in baskets

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In the past there have been a few Custwin blogs about Botox and its gradual death within Google Adwords.   Since then we’ve had numerous visits to the website from people who have used various search phrases related to Botox and Adwords.   The screenshot below shows just a few of the types of phrases typed (and how many people typed each phrase) …

Numerous clinics/people offering Botox to potential clients found themselves in a position where they dropped off the face of the Internet when Google eventually banned all Botox-related adverts.

The evidence of the impact is clear to see – you just have to look at the data we collected (via the link below) to see just those people who found their way to our blogs, having typed phrases related to Botox and Adwords, probably desperate to find the answers to their sudden lack of website traffic and enquiries …


So was it ‘big bad Google’ that butchered the ability of Botox injections providers to gain business?  Well, yes (obviously), but they had their reasons.  But those business owners can’t blame only Google.

They can blame themselves.

When it comes to websites, laziness is the enemy of businesses.  Getting a Google Adwords campaign set up with Botox keyword phrases was, once upon a time, a good idea.  But done alone, it’s laziness.  Pay for clicks, get the traffic, convert the traffic, make the money, pay for more clicks.  Simple, but ultimately stupid if done alone.

The cleverer Botox providers had an arsenal of other marketing methods.  These could have included:

  • Organic search engine positioning (in more than just Google)
  • Print advertising in local media
  • Local radio advertising
  • Printed material in local public places (e.g. posters)
  • Email newsletters
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • …. the list goes on

The law of averages means that the more forms of marketing you’re using, the less impact there will be if one of those marketing methods fails for some reason.  This would apply regardless of marketing method used.

So, what Botox teaches us about eggs in baskets is that when you put your eggs in purely the Google Adwords basket you put yourself at the risk of a serious amount of yolk on the floor.  When you buy a series of smaller ‘marketing’ baskets that can contain only a few eggs in each, you are putting yourself and your business in a much safer position.

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